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Tuesday, 06/02/2018, 14:26 GMT+7

First of all, KHAI DONG Company would like to send your company wishes for health and success in production - business.

********* KHAI DONG company is pleased to inform you about the change of AIRTAC manufacturer's CODE (TAIWAN) of 2 types of products: Round cylinder and sensors * *******

Starting from October 1, 2017 to improve the quality of Airtac products and limiting counterfeit products, AIRTAC (TAIWAN) has changed some of the following codes:

- Types of aluminum cylinders are high quality products, especially available dampers inside Cylinder, in addition all specifications are equivalent, ensuring functionality is unchanged.

- Types of sensors used for all types of cylinders.

However, Airac still has some old stocks of cylinder code or old code sensor, the company continues to supply, the stock is out of stock to produce new code.

- Specifically the code changes as follows:

NEW _________________________________OLD
Cylinder MBL _____________________________Cylinder MAL
Cylinder MBLJ ____________________________Cylinder MALJ
Sensor DMSG-020 _________________________Sensor DS1-G
Sensor DMSH-020 _________________________Sensor DS1-H
Sensor DMSE-020 _________________________Sensor DS1-E
Sensor DMSG-N020 ________________________Sensor DS1-GN
Sensor DMSH-N020 ________________________Sensor DS1-HN
Sensor DMSE-N020 ________________________Sensor DS1-EN
Sensor DMSG-P020 ________________________Sensor DS1-GP
Sensor DMSH-P020 ________________________Sensor DS1-HP
Sensor DMSE-P020 ________________________Sensor DS1-EP
Sensor CMSG-020 _________________________Sensor CS1-G
Sensor CMSH-020 __________________________Sensor CS1-H
Sensor CMSE-020 __________________________Sensor CS1-E